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The McInerny Foundation Early College 3.0 Program at Waipahu High School 

Location: Career Center E-3

Office Ph. (808)307-9575

Instagram: @whsearlycollege

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The Spring 2022 ASAN 205 "Mighty Voices" Video to Promote COVID-19 Vaccinations

Attendance is MANDATORY
Results of missing class will negative affect your grade.

Important Dates





9th: First Day of Instruction

16th: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

27th: Last Day to Drop without a 'W'


1st: Waipahu Intermediate School (WIS) Informational Orientation

20th & 24th: Tentative WIS Application Orientation


13-17th: Spring Break, No Classes

20th: Last Day to Drop with a 'W'

27th: Kuhio Day


7th: Good Friday

14th: Summer and Fall 2023 Applications Due

28th: UH West Oahu Last Day of Instruction


1st: EdReady Placement Exam for Summer and Fall 2023

3rd: LCC Last Day of Instruction

5-12th: Final Examination

HEALTH FORMS has been waived for Early college for both public/private school students.  Home School students will still need to submit their health forms.

If you don't have a scanner to scan your forms please download the GENIUS SCAN app.  Click HERE for a tutorial to the app.

To create electronic signatures for your PDF forms please download the ADOBE FILL & SIGN app.  Click HERE for a tutorial to the app.

Introduction Video

Check it out! 

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2030 Promise Plan - School Design

Hawaii DOE Superintendent Kishimoto with Waipahu High School Olympians Leanne Villanueva, Ashlee Balignasay and Skye Yasuda.

Olelo Studio

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Get Ahead:
Discover the Rewards of Early College
Waipahu High School Early College – a bold approach to strategic enrollment management for the University of Hawaii System that improves on-time graduation of underrepresented students


Save thousands of dollars on future costs for college

Thanks to a generous donation from the McInerny Foundation, you can take college courses and earn college credits at no cost to the student.


Helps you stand out and get noticed

Early College helps you standout and get noticed on your scholarship personal statement, applications for premier universities, and promotes honors recognition.


Smaller Learning Communities

Due to the smaller class sizes of its courses, Early College encourages and supports the formation of smaller  learning communities. Form study groups and bond with your peers.


Fosters a "college-going" culture at the high school

The professors treat you like one of their regular students. No 'watering down' of material or special curriculum. Actual college course material.



Boosts your GPA above 4.0 through weighted 5.0 classes

If you decide to take one(or more) of the following 5.0 weighted courses: Math 103, English 100, History 151, Psychology 100, Sociology 100, and Speech 151, you can boost your GPA above 4.0 or it could be the course that pushes your 3.9 to a 4.0.


Earn an Associate of Arts or Associate in Science degree

Become an AA Olympian and begin working towards earning your Associate of Arts degree by your high school graduation, or become a STEM Olympian to earn an Associate in Science/ Natural Science degree by graduation.


Earn dual credit

Take college classes that can take the place of high school classes. Taking more and more Early College classes means taking fewer and fewer high school classes.  This is called “dual credit.”


On average, Early College completers earn higher GPAs after high school

Waipahu High School students that go to Leeward Community College without Early College experience, on average earn a 2.0 GPA at LCC.  Early College students who go to LCC on average earn a 3.0 GPA.

Join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa serves to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students. By taking and excelling in Early College classes, you have the opportunity to join this College honor society.

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