Early College 3.0 Application

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"Better Together!"

Easy Steps


Benefits of Early College 3.0
  1. Saving money and simultaneously earning Early College Credits while (in most cases) fulfilling certain high school requirements. 

  2. Utilize an online learning environment to provide students with an "authentic" college experience where students from various high schools across the state collaborate to learn together. 

  3. Opportunity to take Early College Courses that may not be regularly offered at your high school campus. 

  4. Access to the McInerney Foundation Early College Program at Waipahu High School's Tagnawa Learning Center. 

Interested in being "better together"?
  • Complete this short Interest Survey to collect contact information. ​Adding your High School Email

  • Then complete the 6 Step Application

How Do I Sign Electronically? 

Adobe Fill and Sign & Tutorial Video

Please Label ALL Documents as: 

"Last Name, First Name, Semester21"

Semesters: Summer - SU21 ; Fall - FA21

Example: DeSilva, Steven, SU21

Early College Survey (will be created and sent out later)

Complete, Print & Sign the 

Dual Credit EARLY COLLEGE Application

PDF  Instructions

Complete the 

Parent Consent Form

*PRINT and SIGN the 2nd (SU) and       3rd (FA) Page

UH Online Application


*Incoming 9th Graders:


LCC and UHWO Application Help Links Bellow

*Submit Confirmation

Submit ALL FORMS your High School designated Early College Counselor


  • Dual Credit (SU / FA)

  • Parent Consent (SU / FA)

  • UH Online Email Confirmation stating "Your Application was Received" 

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Application Tutorial Video

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Application Tutorial Video

Guide to Completion

UHWO Dual Credit Completion Guide