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Summer & Fall 2021

Easy Steps

OPEN for ALL incoming 9th Grader and WHS Students !


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Tentative Course Days & Times (Room Maps)

Summer and Fall 2021 Course Descriptions

New Requirement: 20 Hours or a score of 80 in ENG or MATH of EdReady is now required to be enrolled into early college. This will ensure your commitment and dedication to the program. 

*If you have already completed 20 Hours or earned a score of 80 in ENG or MATH. You are not required to do it again. If you are unsure, please email any one of the Early College Advisors. 

*Disclaimer: This is a separate requirement from the EdReady Prerequisite with LCC (certain classes). Early College EdReady acts a WHS Early College enrollment req. and practice for the LCC Prerequisite test. UHWO requires a 2.7 GPA to join EC Classes. 

Adobe Fill and Sign & Tutorial Video

Please Label ALL Documents as: 

"Last Name, First Name, Semester21"

Semesters: Summer - SU21 ; Fall - FA21

Example: DeSilva, Steven, SU21

New/Returning WHS Students Complete the 

Apply Early College Survey

*Incoming 9th Graders:

Student Interest Survey

Complete, Print & Sign the 

Dual Credit EARLY COLLEGE Application

PDF  Instructions

Complete the 

Parent Consent Form

*PRINT and SIGN the 2nd (SU) and       3rd (FA) Page

UH Online Application


*Incoming 9th Graders:


LCC and UHWO Application Help Links Bellow

*Submit Email Confirmation

Submit ALL FORMS into the Google Submission Form


  • 2 Dual Credit (SU & FA)

  • 2 Parent Consent (SU &FA)

  • 1 UH Online Email Confirmation stating "Your Application was Received" 

If you prefer to drop off your application in person. Please sign up for a date and time you plan to drop off your application to the WHS Front office. A box will be labeled "WIS Early College Application Drop Box."

Drop Off Link. 

* * If you are currently taking a course at LCC or UHWO (SPRING 2021),

and planning to continue with LCC or UHWO (SUMMER & FALL 2021),

you DO NOT need to complete a UH Online application.

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Application Tutorial Video

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Application Tutorial Video

Guide to Completion

UHWO Dual Credit Completion Guide