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Dare to Climb the Highest!


Early College ALPS

Accelerated Learning Program Services (ALPS)

The Waipahu High School Early College Accelerated Learning Program Services (ALPS) is an Open Entry/Open Exit (OEOE), self-pace course of study designed to improve Math and English skills through the University of Hawaii, Online Learning Academy (OLA).


The OLA offers free online math and science tutoring for all Hawaiʻi Department of Education (K-12), community college and UH Mānoa students state-wide. Tutors are available to help with class work or homework during their hours of operation.


 EdReady Hawaiʻi is an initiative managed by the Online Learning Academy at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. The goal of the initiative is to provide access to online math and English readiness content for secondary (grades 6-12) and higher education students in Hawaiʻi statewide.

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